Knowledgebase: Is there a MAC OS X version of the software?

Posted by Andy Mitchell, Last modified by Andy Mitchell on 08 March 2023 10:30

We do not currently offer a native Mac OS version. ONE is a Windows application and requires an Intel based processor as described on the System Requirements section of our website.

However, ONE will run on a Mac using emulation software such as VM Ware Fusion or Parallels and a Windows Operating System (ARM is required for M1 or M2 chipsets).

Running on Apple Architecture (M1/M2)

Some customers report seeing error messages such as "ERROR: MessageBoxTitle is missing from string table".

In which case, if Paralllels provide your emulation capability, ONE 32 bit will work on the M1/M2 chipset by following the instructions in their KB article here:

If you still have problems after following their instructions, we recommend contacting Parallels support directly.

ONE 64 bit will not work because this is a current limitation of the x64 emulation on Windows on ARM.