Knowledgebase: Payment Problems

Posted by Andy Mitchell, Last modified by Andy Mitchell on 26 January 2013 08:25

Generally, payment problems are due to your credit card company blocking the transaction. We recommend that you phone your card company to authorise the payment which usually resolves the issue. 

Failing this, because our reseller Digital River handle all our payment processing, we recommend speaking with them directly to see if there is a different problem. Unfortunately, they won't speak to us about any failed transactions to protect your privacy. Please use the following link to contact Digital River.

Digital River enables customers to order in different types of currencies. In doing so, they have to take the currency exchange risk due to currency fluctuations. Therefore, they will apply a small currency risk insurance fee to the order. In most instances, the currency risk insurance they charge is less than the amount the customer’s credit card institute or the banks would charge for the currency conversion. To avoid any additional currency risk insurance fee being added by Digital River and let your bank perform the conversion, please select to pay in "Pound Sterling" on the payment page.

If you experience an error when making your payment, it is likely that you are using an outdated operating system or browser, and our reseller considers this not to be secure. Please ensure that TLS1.2 protocol is configured in your operating system and/or browser so that they can safeguard payment and customer data. Please either update your operating system and/or browser or try placing the order using a different computer with a different operating system and/or browser. Alternatively, please contact our Digital Rivers Customer Service Team to assist you with placing your order at or call them on US - +1-800-406-4966 Toll-free, +1-952-646-5022 (24x7x365).