Knowledgebase: "Visual C# Command Line Compiler has stopped working" error when running ONE on Windows 10

Posted by Andy Mitchell, Last modified by Nicholas Bender on 01 September 2016 16:52

If you are experiencing this error message when attempting to start OptionNET Explorer on the latest Windows 10 Anniversary update, please enable the compatibility mode on the ONE shortcut:

1. Right mouse click on the ONE shortcut and select Properties.

2. From the properties menu select the ‘Compatibility’ tab and from the ‘Compatibility Mode’ section check the Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 8.

Note: the issue appears to have only affected the recent update of the Anniversary Build of Windows 10 and does not cause a problem at start up on the previous Windows 10 build 1511. When running the Microsoft .NET fix tool which is available to download from the Microsoft Windows support page, it highlights that there is an issue regarding the latest .NET 4.6 and reports a problem. See for access to the Microsoft .NET repair tool.